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job me, job me now

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Oct. 8th, 2010 | 09:41 am

So I've been applying for office jobs. It's about time I get out of the restaurant industry. I found a really great one at Design Communications LTD. It's for a "dynamic receptionist" position. I feel like I will be surrounded by crazy creative people all the time. They actually said "friendly environment" in the posting and I almost started to cry, which made me realize exactly how shitty an environment I've been exposed to every day.

I walked by my boss yesterday and said hi to him with my cheerful smile and a little wave and he completely ignored me. And for every friendly person there is in the industry, there's another that is just rude and cruel for no reason. And if it's not the people you work with, it's the people you are waiting on. I'm so sick of being treated like a servant or like I'm sub-human just because I work in this industry. It's maddening.

So... I'm getting out. If anyone knows of any office style job in a design/architecture/creative firm, or gallery, or something that leans towards the creative, edgy side of office, please let me know. I've got 5+ years of office work under my belt. Plus I'm about as friendly as a puppy on a sunny day in the park, only with a little more focus.

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from: musicwerk
date: Oct. 11th, 2010 05:19 am (UTC)

Good for you!!!!
You'll find something terrific, I know it.

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